Your blockchain asset experience

Eidoo allows you to manage in a single wallet all your cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ether, Tokens), to trade in its decentralized exchange. You can also participate in ICOs directly from the app.

We have finally launched Ekon (EKG)
the new gold-backed stable coin



Manage your cryptocurrency

Easily manage your assets (BTC, ETH, Ethereum Tokens) and organized them in personal and trading wallet.
Check transaction state at any time.
Save time in operations thanks to the optimized light client.
The private key is encrypted on the app and only you can decrypt it.

You can use the wallet without providing any personal information

Hybrid Decentralized Exchange

Live a free trading experience

You always have complete control of your trading wallet, even to withdraw.
No fees for orders that build the order book.
No server to hack no problems for you.

In-app identity verification to be fully compliant with the latest regulations

Initial coin offering

The easiest way to participate in ICOs

A list of selected ICOs, periodically updated. For each ICO you can find the information you need and participate directly from the app.

The listed ICOs are compliant with the Swiss tokens regulation

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