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Buy, store and exchange hundreds of digital assets, from popular cryptocurrencies to utility tokens and collectibles.

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Discover pNetwork

PNT is now powering the Eidoo universe. It does everything EDO did, plus more.
Now you can vote, stake and earn interest in the pNetwork.


Link your DeFi-powered
debit card.

Introduce your digital currencies to the real-world. Link your Eidoo wallet to your personal Eidoo Card, and enjoy up to 10% crypto cashback. Available in Basic, VIP and Black accounts.

Cards created in partnership with Moneyfold Ltd.

A new era of finance

Tap into the DeFi Exchange

Discover new digital assets and begin your decentralized finance journey.


Place your trades on the go

Trade securely while staying in total control of your funds.

eidoo crowd

Exclusive access to token offerings

Participate in, or even launch, token sales that are 100% compliant with local regulations. We list one-off opportunities to back unique projects.

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Wallet Connect

Wallet Connect

Never type out your private key again. Simply scan a QR code to connect and login to your desktop DApps, and sign your transactions, directly from your Eidoo Wallet.

NFT wallet

NFT wallet

The Eidoo wallet you love, with extended support for NFTs. A non-custodianwallet for buying, hodling and trading Non-fungible tokens.

Eidoo Browser extension

Eidoo Browser extension

Is your screen looking too small? Enjoy the same, simplified, exciting crypto experience on your laptop. Your blockchain experience split on multiple devices to manage crypto assets at all levels.

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High standard of security

The app has since become one of the more popular platforms for launching initial coin offerings

A decentralized exchange will ultimately empower Eidoo users with total control of their funds, which will never leave their wallet until the exact time of conversion

Customers want choice, and Eidoo offers it in the most simple and direct way possible