Eidoo is a Swiss company formed by a group of professionals with a shared goal: to improve how people manage their assets, invest, and make a profit in the blockchain economy.

Eidoo is the key to becoming part of a new movement of financially savvy and forward-thinking users.

The purpose of Eidoo is not to accomplish things that others do not, but to innovate the relationship between people and the crypto-world, in its own way. That’s why we provide a secure and simple service that gives back transparency and full control over customers’ financial assets.


Eidoo was born in 2017 — In these months we have achieved a lot of goals and we continue to do so.
Our roadmap brings together all the developed products.

Wallet (Ethereum)

Aug 2017

Ethereum Funding Informative Prospect

Sep 2017

Technology Whitepaper

Sep 2017

ICO Engine

Nov 2017

Desktop App

Mar 2018

Wallet (Bitcoin)

Q2 2018

DAPP Module

Q4 2018

Eidoo Token Sale

End Sep 2017

Eidoo Pay / Debit Card


KYC Integration

Feb 2018

Hybrid Exchange

Q2 2018

Eidoo Identity Provider

Q3/Q4 2018

External Services


Wallet (More blockchains)


Meet our team

We want people to see us in the way we really are: transparent, direct, and responsible.
We believe it's important to put simplicity and users’ needs at the heart of everything we do.
We think that being serious about being their partner of choice for smarter solutions is crucial for a long-lasting relationship.

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