Crypto wallet by Eidoo

Store your digital assets in our secure blockchain wallet

Easily manage your digital assets, from Bitcoin and LTC to any Ethereum tokens, all in one place.

Easy to use multicurrency wallet

With one wallet for all your ERC-20 tokens, there is no need to manage them across multiple locations. Our App works seamlessly across many alternative token types, allowing you to check your balance and latest prices with our custom designed user interface.

Cryptocurrency Wallet App - IOS & Android

Store both your BTC and tokens on any device with our IOS crypto wallet, Android Wallet and desktop app.  Access all your digital assets across multiple devices - a problem faced by many mainstream currencies.

Litecoin, ETH, Bitcoin wallet & All ERC-20 tokens in one application

The Eidoo wallet enables the management of primary cryptocurrencies, bringing Ethereum based tokens and Bitcoin together in one simple to use cryptocurrency wallet.

Direct access to our ERC-20 DEX

Our crypto wallet features a built-in decentralized exchange for the most effective atomic swaps, with both speed and security.

A new world of finance with Eidoo

Decentralized finance brings with it new opportunities for cryptocurrency users. Wallets, exchanges, interest accounts, lending and now debit cards all bring traditional financial products into an alternative, digital world. 

DeFi with Eidoo empowers you to use cryptocurrency in everyday life, no longer limited by the opportunities to spend, send and trade among traditional financial communities, institutions and retailers.

Tokens available on the Eidoo crypto wallet, plus over 1000 more...

Want your new token to be part of the Eidoo ecosystem?

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Experience a powerful DeFi suite with Eidoo.

DApp browser

DApp browser

Explore and interact with all kinds of DApps from the convenience of one platform.

Eidoo Browser extension

Eidoo Browser extension

Is your screen looking too small? Enjoy the same, simplified, exciting crypto experience on your laptop. Your blockchain experience split on multiple devices to manage crypto assets at all levels.

NFT wallet

NFT wallet

The Eidoo wallet you love, with extended support for NFTs. A non-custodianwallet for buying, hodling and trading Non-fungible tokens.

Wallet Connect

Wallet Connect

Never type out your private key again. Simply scan a QR code to connect and login to your desktop DApps, and sign your transactions, directly from your Eidoo Wallet.