Since Aug 2019
EDO burn in process
Automated & Transparent

Watch out for EDO, big changes are coming!

1 million EDO burn

Automated burning start

This means that any usage of EDO will result in a quick burn and the supply will promptly reflect the usage of EDO-based services.

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10,711,671.01 EDO Burnt so far

89,288,327.07 Remaining EDO

Initial Token Sale Burn
Manual Burn
Eidoo DEX (Hybrid Exchange) & Atomic Swap
EidooCrowd Burn

What's EDO

EDO is the utility token at the center of the Eidoo ecosystem - its purpose is to simplify access and interaction with different blockchains.
EDO gives you access to a variety of services. A specific % of revenues,  different for every product and service of ours, is burned as shown below.
The burning process is fully transparent and became completely automated in late 2019.

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EDO Burn transactions

EDO Stake transactions

Burning & Staking Details

50% of all trading fees every 2 hours

50% of all platform fees

50% of all brokerage fees every 2 hours

20% of all trading fees every 2 hours

50% of all transaction fees every 2 hours

100 EDO burned for every Eidoo Basic Card order
25,000 EDO staked for every Eidoo VIP Card order
200,000 EDO staked for every Eidoo Black Card order