ICO Engine

Through the ICO Engine, Eidoo offers the chance for companies and startups to directly organize token sales on our mobile app available both on Android and IOS in a comfortable, safe, and fast way.

Below you can understand how users will be able to join ICOs.

  • 1. ICO Coming

    After entering the password to access the Eidoo wallet, and click on confirm, the Eidoo wallet will show you your available ETH amount, and a banner on top of the screen will show the upcoming ICO.

  • 5. Read Terms & Conditions

    Clicking on proceed, you need to read Terms and Conditions. Then, you need to click on "Agree" to continue.

  • 2. ICO Ongoing

    If the ICO is ongoing, the banner will show you the status.

  • 6. Confirm

    Enter your password to confirm the transaction.

  • 3. ICO List

    On the ICO List page you will find a whole list of upcoming and upcoming ICOs.By clicking on the ICO you want to join, you will have access to the token sale.

  • 7. Transaction Successfully Sent

    A new page with a blue screen will show the word “Successful,” and a green check: that means that you have completed the purchase and tokens have been bought.

  • 4. Buy Tokens

    Enter the ETH amount you want to spend for purchasing tokens. The app will immediately show how many tokens you are going to buy.

  • 8. Tokens in Your Assets

    The app will show the transaction as pending. You need to wait for a few seconds until the transfer will be confirmed.

ICO Engine: the safest and easiest way to organize ICOs

As Eidoo aims at creating a new a user-friendly interface to simplify the interaction between men and blockchain, we have decided to design a tool to organize and join ICOs most safely and efficiently.

An ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) is a process through which new startups can raise money to fund their projects, by providing participants an amount of tokens in return.

The Eidoo ICO Engine is a method already used by our own successful ICO a few months ago.

Safety: the safest way to organize and join ICOs

Eidoo has a reliable security system that ensures the success of the funding regarding avoiding both users and companies the risk assets loss that might be due to computer hacking, program errors, or scams.

In fact, several cases have created unpleasant precedents, according to which security measures should be carefully considered. For example, we can talk about the CoinDash ICO, where a hacker stole $7 million at the time of collection because the ethereum address it was using to solicit funds was altered to a fake one by an unidentified hacker, resulting in the ether going to another source.

To solve this matter, the Eidoo system provides a safe tool that guarantees that the ICO address is always the same so that funds arrive at the startup correctly, also because we will never show the address publicly.

KYC: Know Your Customer

Regarding legal concerns, Eidoo is going to integrate a KYC system.

If you’ve already developed your system we can integrate it.

When you have not, we are going to design our own KYC system to register your users.

Visibility: 120k potential users for your ICOs

Also, from the startup point of view, joining the Eidoo ICO Engine means having a high visibility because of our more than 120,000 downloads.

Eidoo also offers the chance of organizing airdrops that are useful to create a significant advertising effect for users who recognize receiving a gift that has a quantifiable value.

This way, using the Eidoo ICO Engine Service means you can take advantage of the broad adoption of our mobile app, so a user who is not yet aware of your initiative can get in touch with your company and your Token Sale.

Also, you need to consider that Eidoo is going to add many services to the mobile app and this can be able to call a more significant number of users in the world who will be able to come in contact with and decide to join your ICO.

Marketing Strategy

If you are a startup and you want to organize your token sale by using our ICO Engine, you need to consider that we also offer a few more services related to marketing and advertising, so that more users might decide to join your project.

Our marketing strategy has proven to be winning, and it is continually evolving.
By joining our ICO Engine service, you can take advantage of the Eidoo strategic potential and the visibility of its advertising channels around the world to appear on a wide range of blogs and magazine explicitly related to the blockchain tech, and on internationally influential publications such as The Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

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