Eidoo featured in CNBC; crypto captures mainstream attention

December 13, 2021

In the past few years, cryptocurrency has experienced some of the largest levels of public interest and institutional growth – making strides for its mass adoption.

On the 29th February, a unique leap year event, Eidoo and Moneyfold (our sister company) helped mainstream audiences leap into the future of finance, sharing their expertise on all things DeFi, blockchain, and cryptocurrency with Advancements TV.

The episode aired on CNBC, a world leader in business news and one of the top rated television networks in the US – consumed by more than 320 million people per month across all platforms.

Watch the taped segment here.

The Advancements TV series shines a light on several important issues and topics currently impacting society. Hosted by Ted Danson, it covers a vast number of industries and economies, featuring state-of-the-art technologies and solutions dedicated to shaping, molding, and transforming our world.

During the segment, our CEO Thomas Bertani explained how blockchain technology is disrupting the financial industry.

“Decentralized finance is a new movement where blockchain is being used to provide new powerful tools in a system which is public, transparent and accessible to anyone. These technologies can reinvent finance from its foundations,” he said on air.

Eidoo’s mobile wallet enables the Average Joe to interact with the blockchain with no need to understand how it works. It’s a secure and simple service, which provides transparency and full control over financial assets.

Viewers also learned about Ekon Gold, the stable coin backed 100 per cent by physical gold. This tokenisation process allows us to create digital representations of physical assets which live on the blockchain, while still maintaining their unique properties.

Nikola Tchouparov, CEO of Moneyfold, spoke about the potential of blockchain to help businesses across the world to “realise operational efficiencies, moving millions, maybe billions across borders. You can build and operate financial services 80 per cent cheaper than using traditional infrastructure.”

This episode also features Giacomo Zucco, founder of Bcademy, and Samson Mow, CEO of Blockstream who also share their takes on the latest in blockchain innovation.

All these teams are working hard to make blockchain-based finance more accessible by providing the simple tools, products and educational resources to participate in the new digital economy.

And as decentralized finance continues to grab the attention of mainstream media, we’ll be there to welcome curious new users with a simple app, designed for everyone.