The pNetwork is home to a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) that governs the network itself, along with the pTokens bridges and their dynamics.
For the system to become truly decentralized, community participation is key.

People can contribute to the success of the project by assuming an active role in it. Specifically, they can decide to operate a validating node or help shape its future by voting on pTokens improvement proposals via the pNetwork DAO.
The pNetwork DAO is open for anyone to join and contribute to the developments of the pTokens system via a token-based voting mechanism.

Members of the DAO initiate the voting processes to influence the development and future of the pTokens system.
A series of Improvement Proposals (IPs) are advanced by the development team on multiple pTokens related matters.
DAO members can vote and decide whether or not to approve the IPs.
For example, members are responsible for electing which pTokens bridges to develop and support next, deciding on the fee mechanism of the network and resolving any upgrade proposals.

To participate in the DAO you can do it inside the App thanks to the native integration or by clicking here.