Token Economy


The pNetwork token(PNT), formerly known as EDO token, is a utility token with a deflationary nature, that gets burned while the Eidoo core services are used. 

PNT is also the governance token of pNetwork, the protocol that enables transfers of crypto assets, NFT and data across multiple blockchains and networks through pTokens.

Staking in the DAO

Stake $PNT to become a pNetwork DAO member.

Through the pNetwork DAO, people can vote and contribute to the success of the project while enjoying PNT rewards along the way, such as 42% APY the first year for active voters.

Staking to become a validator

pNetwork nodes play a critical role in the ecosystem as they secure the movement of assets and data across blockchains.

$PNT staking is required for entities to set-up a pNetwork node.

pNetwork nodes get rewarded while powering the system.

Fees on cross-chain transfers to be introduced in Q1 2021 will be distributed to node operators in Bitcoin, $ETH and any other asset switched.

Staking inside eidooCARD to receive premium benefits and cashback

By staking $PNT, you get access to the first Loopring integrated, non-custodian DeFi debit card supporting multiple
crypto assets via pTokens.

PNT Burn and Stake transactions

PNT Burn transactions

PNT Stake transactions