Thank you everyone!

Our Token sale has ended

10,708,403 EDO EDO Token sale allocation
82,372.33 ETH ETH raised

If you need support concerning your EDO tokens contact us on the Eidoo official chat

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Where do I find all the financial details on the Token sale?

Prior to the Token sale you can find all the informations that you need on our Ethereum Funding Informative Prospect. It will be available in Italian and English.

What is the Eidoo Token and what is it for?

The Eidoo Token is the necessary currency to exploit the Eidoo services, and especially the decentralized exchange and the market of goods. Without the Eidoo token it won’t be possible to exchange cryptocurrencies on the exchange or purchase goods on the market platform, since the commissions can be paid solely with the Eidoo token. The Eidoo token utilized in the services will be burned by one half and the other half resold, to cover the operational costs of the company, including taxation on the total commision paid. In time the number of Eidoo tokens will run out. When this will be the case, the commissions on the services of the platform Eidoo will be paid using another cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, or other).